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Dr. Jane has been my PT for a few years now. I’ve been following her to a few locations including clinics where she used to see patients part time. I’ve tried to go to the PT place closer to my office but was never treated the same way she does. She was always able to help me recover fast from all my past sports injuries that’s why even though it’s a little far from my office now, I don’t mind the 15 to 20-min. train ride to come to her. It’s always worth my time. I highly recommend Theratrix. Happy client

Martin Steinberg

I was diagnosed with herniated disc a few moths ago and it hurt like hell. I thought a simple adjustment from my chiro would help but it seemed counter productive. I’m so glad my co-worker who has been coming to Theratrix recommended Dr. Jane. I kid you not. First day I came to her clinic, my pain scale was a 8/10 and I walked out feeling so much relieved! I was crying cause of pain when I came in and crying when I left cause I felt better after days of agony! I was so happy! I am a loyal customer because of my great results from being under the care of this awesome practice. So grateful!

Jenna Harmon

.I’m one of the newer patients at Theratrix. I came only 5 times so far so good!  I was having low back pain with sciatica. My doctor referred me to a huge PT clinic close to where I live. I was so disappointed that I didn’t go back. I thought it was a waste of time. I had to wait for more than 30 mins to be seen and the treatment I received was very disappointing. I was lucky enough to come across Theratrix by searching in Google. I gotta say this PT clinic is one I would look forward to coming after work because not only I feel better every time but the place also has other integrative healthcare providers like massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc. I always feel so relaxed after I walk out of their clinic. Thank you Theratrix! 

Samuel Stevens

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